Saturday, September 5, 2009


'Eat to live' or Live to Eat' that is the question. In Singapore, we are indeed blessed to have different types of food from our different ethnic groups. As the choice of food gets wider, the more bewilded we become. WE CAN'T DECIDE WHAT WE WANT TO EAT. It can take ages before a decision is made.

First Time Blogging

I am typing this during my lesson at blogging. So bear with me. Actually, I am quite excited typing my first post at my newly created blog.

There are 6 of us who signed up for this 3 hour workshop on 'How to Blog and Make Money'. D and myself signed up online and found out we were the only ones to signed up. Fortunately on the day of the lesson, there were another 3 who signed on the spot.

That's all for now.